Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Cat vs Osama Bin Laden

My cat had nine lives and died once.
Bin Laden had nine lives and has currently used up 3.

First Death 2001,2933,41576,00.html

(mind you he was being treated in a MILITARY hospital and they couldn't find him?? lol)

Second Death 2007

Third Death 2011

I believe this man died years ago.
And it is sad how so many feed into the deception of main stream media

Conspiracy theory?

Its crazy how society now calls THINKING FOR YOURSELF evil, that's what "conspiracy theorists" do! They challenge you to use your own brain cells, utilize critical thinking, be analytic.Media does all the thinking and action for the lazy folks who dont like to read and research on their own...cripples who depend on media life support to live.Fear Mongers??LOL.Truth is a fearful thing I know...we live in la la land, and watch too many fairy tales... lost in OZ.God forbid we try to step away from the actors on the stage our fragile minds and see what is really there.

"The world is a better place" Because Bin Laden is Dead? LOL

How about we eliminate the violence around our neighborhoods?
Crime rate is on the rise! Economy is still struggling. US is still in debt.Gas prices are on all time high, homelessness increasing, people dying from drugs, AIDS, cancer, Gang violence, drive bys, homicides, sex predators, pedophiles...sorry but Osama Bin Laden's 3rd death does not make the "world" any safer.It will only incite more wars and terrors not to mention hate towards another race of people.

Keep it in sports not politics.

I have nothing against Obama. But honestly, He is black and most black folks and minorities are on his team because of the color of his skin. Its what I would call the sports /gang mentality the media promotes heavily, this mentality plays out in politics when it needs to stay in sports.When it does not we have those who refuse to take off the blinders and investigate other possibilities outside the box (TV,media).

We choose whether we want to be on the Republican team or the Democrat team/gang. Do you really believe they are opposing parties? In reality they are on the same team. Only the Public continue to fight amongst each other like rival gangs...They created the sports/gang mentality an infrastructure set up in the minds of people since birth. Consider Hitler's methods on brain washing the youths, He used alot of Media.

After math

Maybe now since Bin Laden is "dead" (He's really preparing for his next Resurrection lol)our superhero can focus on other issues plaguing the US. And clean up the White house back yard...oh wait they ARE doing some cleaning sweeping out low income minorities and moving in the rich upper class folks. The good ole "sweep the dirt under the rug" method always seems to work well.. Maybe the new residents will hire for manual labor.

Now that Osama is dead are we safe from Terrorism? hmmm. False flags "terrorist watch" approaching in the north eastern regions...we can see here in the lower region a mob moving east holding American hostages in their own land, prepare for more gropings at airports and possible strip searches,taking pictures on site may trigger serious beat downs and prepare to be reported by your neighbor as a suspected terrorist, Lock your doors storm is fast approaching, possible explosions! Yeah and the next attack will still place blame on Osama! Because his death made his people angry...grrr. And we shot and killed an unarmed man and threw an unidentified body in the river like the Mobs do.

One good thing came from the many deaths of Bin Laden, it has given me hope, hope for my dead cat...Muffin.
I wonder if he will recognize me when he resurrect for 8 more lives?

RIP Muffin

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