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Elite1995 Game Cards of Perdicted Chaos.

I usually do not like to mention "Illuminati" in any of my articles but this group is behind majority of the conspiracies. But for the sake of pointed out some very interesting information in this particular article,there is no choice in the matter...

Illuminati, who are they? There are tons of information available on this group of individuals.If one is not aware of who or what is Illuminati and the crucial role these people play "behind the scenes", then I highly suggest some research on your own time for deeper understanding. But basically they are known as an Elite group of individuals who pull the strings in Politics, Hollywood, Music Industries, Media, Financial Institutions (Banks) etc. They are also referred to as Freemasons, Masons,The Elites, Holders of the light (light bearers) and so forth. The term "Illuminati" means illuminated ones (those who have been Enlightened or hold special hidden knowledge). I wouldn't say they are satanic but their practices, rituals and beliefs would speak for itself.

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Illuminati "New World Order" Card Game by Steve Jackson

This Card Collection was created in 1995, but the original version ("Pocket Box" format) was said to be on the market in 1982. And let me tell you, these are no ordinary cards. This card game called the "Illuminati", exposes a carefully laid out and very disturbing plan. Each card basically predicted all the Major events that has occurred or will occur. Coincidence?? You be the judge...


This Card depicts school books thrown in a trash can. Represents school system and what is to be taught "re write history" perhaps to control people through False teachings such as the evolution theory, or more recently the descision being made to include homosexual studies (Gay History) in public schools.

This Card Reads; "Play this card at any time, it requires action by your Illuminati or actions by Media Groups with a total power of at lease 8." you can read the rest.


Depicts one of the World Trade Center Building on fire from an explosion in the exact same spot the plane crashed on 9/11 (9-11 is an occult/Illuminati number by the way) some say this was a ritualistic attack planned long before it occurred...I am starting to believe it even more. Remember this card was sold in stores in 1995! How did Steve Jackson get the idea to create this?ponder, ponder...

Card # 3 "PENTAGON"

This card depicts the Pentagon on fire, which actually occurred on 9/11. Card Reads; "Each corporate group directly controlled by the Pentagon lets you draw one extra plot card each turn"


This card depicts a picture of New York City with black smoke over the entire city in the shape of a skull.I am assuming that this represents a plan to reduce population in some way or form...pretty disturbing.

Card Reads; " Too many people making too many problems, and not enough love to go around..." interesting I wonder what is their solution...


This card depicts a scientist creating these deadly viruses to infect the population with.I also viewed a short documentary where Gov admitted to spreading the AIDS virus (watch video below)

Card # 6 "EPIDEMIC"

This card depicts a pile of dead bodies, blackened from death, and some medical paraphernalia such as gloves and a mask. The word Quarantine is written over the picture. Another method of depopulation perhaps? There are over 100 concentration camp in the USA. What are they for? hhmmm...CDC predicts that a "medium level of epidemic could KILL UP TO 207000 AMERICANS."


This is a very disturbing card considering what had occurred in Japan recently. The card depicts people running in fear as a huge building structure with a clock collapses, this tower has extreme resembles to the tower of Tokyo's most famous retailer "Wako" It also resembles Big Ben in London! So double disaster one for China and many are perdicting for London as well!

Wako Tower in Tokyo Japan. The clock (on the card) shows 14:46h which is the same hour the earthquake occurred or 3/11 (as indicated by the clock hands) day of the earth quake. And the "Combined" disaster was a tsunami with an earthquake. Now you may ask how can they trigger Natural Events? I suggest clicking on this link(or copy n paste in browser) for details...


This Card depicts two hippies, one holding a peace sign (which is truly a symbol of an upside down broken cross representing the destruction of Christianity). The Hippies are about to kill a police officer. This represents killing of any who refuse to comply to the plans for New World Order-namely Christians or Jews.This card reminds of a prophetic scripture verse in the Bible...

1 Thessalonians 5:3 "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden DESTRUCTION cometh upon them...and they shall not escape" All this talk about world peace is a such thing can be achieved.
But the deception to move towards world peace by certain groups will lead many into a gas chamber...

Lastly Card # 9 "TAPE RUN OUT"

This card depicts a reel-to-reel audiotape machine with the tape running out. Behind it is a picture of the world being split in half. Under the picture is written; “When the rapture comes..."

There are over 400 more cards all displaying some satanic themes.

So here we have a timeline of events leading up to the last day when the Lord shall come displayed in a card game.I find it interesting how they are fully aware of the end times leading to rapture. You see Satan knows that the Lord is coming back and he is setting his plans in action before that day, he works through his agents.
This article is not intended to convince but to bring awareness of the times we live in, neither is it to invoke fear but to open eyes to truth.
Give your life to Christ before it is too late.

This is not a Game it is real. I believe there are people involved in such cults like illuminatis, who desire to escape it and are trapped. Perhaps Steve Jackson knew the plans that were in place and created the cards as warnings. He had access to resources and knowledge beforehand to create the Illuminati game.But he and "they" knew majority of the population would be to distracted when their plans unfold (even so blatantly through a prophetic game) ...right..before our eyes.

There are no coincidences...

Bonus Card "The Earth Quake projector"

Card Reads:"This device can act once per turn, it can increase the power of any attack to destroy a place, or of any disaster card by 2"


2 Timothy 3:13
But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived

UPDATE: 9/05/13

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