Friday, March 18, 2011

Unleash the Beast?

When you were small and you thought of a monster, what feelings rose up? Fear? Terror? They literally turn dreams into nightmares.Once upon a time monsters were to be feared and to run away from,no one had the desire to be like one but times have changed.Why does society now entertain and embrace the idea of being monsters? Why do so many adopt the concept of evil being redefined as good? How could this be? The answer; Indoctrination AKA brainwashing through use of propaganda and other means of media to influence mankind and to reshape thinking. To a few the method used to market products such as Energy Drinks and various items to the public is done in a clever way to further an agenda.

Monster Drink
Today we are flooded with symbols and esoteric ideologies. The term "Monster" is to be/become aggressive, forceful or threatening.When one uses the word monster to describe a way of feeling "I feel like a monster" or "I am a monster" this suggests that one is being taken over by a force that is out of their normal character.The illusion of power and feeling stronger like that of a Monster is appealing, not to mention the dark sinister side.This is the idea behind Monster beverages. Idea being pushed; Energy=go beyond your normal capabilities= just like a monster.

On the can, we see that there are 3 "claw" like imprints. This is to give the impression of Monster claws or to create the letter "M". So the public will associate the claws with that of a monster, and therefore theorizing that this drink will give them so much energy that they will feel like they can conquer anything like monsters. Seems like a cool and hip logo. Monsters and beasts seem to be the in thing now a days.

But the truth of these claw like markings is esoteric. And has multiple meanings and if one is not aware of the hidden message or the true symbolical meaning behind it, then its easy for one to subconsciously accept monsters(evil creatures) as cool and hip and desire to have their "power" or "energy"..this is a tool of indoctrination or manipulation of man.

The True meaning of Monster Drink The true meaning of the "claw" symbols. Take a look at this Chart below... . Take note of the highlighted Alphabet/Number. This is the supposed "claw" markings on Monster's Energy Drink. This is the Hebrew/Greek Alphabet chart. The Hebrew and Greek alphabet does not have separate characters or alphabets for numbers and letters. Letters are also used as numbers. So each letter is a numerical value. The Hebrew equivalent of our "w" is the letter "vav" or "waw". The numerical value of vav is 6. So Therefore the claw marks on the can are actually a clever, fancy Representation of the Hebrew Numbers 666

It is subliminal. If the company put 666 as shown above...I am sure no one would want to purchase the product (except for members of the church of satan). And to be sure these claw marks are not what most would deem as "just claw marks" check out the slogan on the back

"Unleash the BEAST!". who is the beast aka monster one needs to unleash? I think we can take a good guess 666=Satan.

Some also conclude that the symbol could also represent the number "7"

and 777 in Ancient Jew Language= 666

This also brings up a Satanist (which I have blogs about his influence in Music today)Aleister Crowley who wrote a book called "777" a book of Magic.
Aleister Proudly referred to himself as "The Beast"(Satan)
So ask yourself. Why would they push such a product on the market? The answer is pretty evident.

Generation of the LOST

Take a look at this energy Drink By Monster Appropriately Called "LOST "

Lost Energy Drink by Monster

" Ride All day RAGE all night?"

It is rich in symbolisms.Planet Saturn (another name for Satan), lightening bolt (symbol for Satan when he fell from the sky Luke 10:18)This symbol is used often in other venues by various musicians which I touched on in another blog...

On the Back of the can...there is an interesting message...

"For Centuries Cults and Governments Have used JUICE TO SUBDUE AND CONFORM THE MASSES now after extensive R&D...Lost Enterprises has HARNESSED THE HYPNOTIC POWER OF JUICE"
Further down you Can see the last statement "THE TRUTH HURTS" basically mocking the Masses. Note the "All seeing Eye" in a pyramid on the side. The eye of Lucifer.

Juice in the Slang or Urban dictionary referrs to "secret information", "Power or Influence" or even to shoot up Drugs.

I suggest that "Juice" used in that statement can be the same as " to suppress, drugged, tranquilize the Masses. Juice figuratively speaking means Drugs. To drug the masses so they wont put up a fight when they are being conditioned to conform to lies.

I recommend viewing (listen)to the "secret Covenant of the Illuminati/Gov" or google "secret covenant of the illuminati" and read. This is happening now all around us.

Now don't get this wrong...I am not discouraging any from purchasing or drinking this Energy Drink (although I wouldn't, just because we don't know what they actually put in those drinks) but to bring awareness of the days we are living in. They also have clothing lines and other products with this we have people now wearing and promoting this symbol with out full knowledge of the meaning and agenda beneath it. Pushing the acceptance of the mark of the beast 666. But you try to explain this to the "masses"it would do you no good...why because they are conditioned...drugged up by the "juice" to remain asleep.

2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

This Girl on the Poster looks like a Demon Possessed Zombie!

UPDATE: 9/05/13