Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Truth about Gaddafi and Libya

UPDATE 2/6/12: OBAMA HAS NOW STARTED BULLYING IRAN WITH SANCTIONS!http://www.newser.com/article/d9so4c501/obama-orders-new-sanctions-on-iran-aiming-to-head-off-any-israeli-action-to-hit-nuclear-sites.html

THREATS TO SYRIA'S LEADER BASHAR ASSAD "HIS DAYS ARE NUMBERED"http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-syria-war-20120208,0,3000935.story

Here we go again! and the excuse is that these areas are holding "nuclear weapons" same strategy over and over again is used to brainwash American people into believing war is justifiable! This is again about Oil and resources!!President is
violating the constitution and should be impeached! But his Puppeteers are untouchable and continue their crime sprees.


The Truth About Gaddafi and Libya

This article is to present some information about the nature of the events surrounding Gaddafi that lead up to his death last year.Most of us by now are aware that we cannot depend on mainstream media such as CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS, MSN to get the truth. I have followed the news of Gaddafi with minimal interests. But recently I felt the desire to do my own full research on this topic, due to questioning of my views on the matter concerning Obama and relations with Libya and Gaddafi.

The question first asked:

Why did US decide to Invade Libya?

There were many theories on why US needed to invade Libya.
One(Obama) claimed it was because their regime(Gaddafi)was using Military forces against his own people.
Others(Theorists)say the invasion was about US gaining access to Libya's oil.
Some (Libyans) are convinced that the intervention on Libya was all about currency. Obviously I would listen to what Libya has to say before any other sources.

Gold Currencies

Gaddafi was introducing the Gold deno, a true sharing of the wealth. This would replace the US dollar. Once you make any indication of moving in such a direction as Gaddafi was doing, you will be targeted by the US. Most countries such as Africa was interested in this change as well.
In fact Gaddafi called African and Muslim Nations to Join him in creating this
new currency that would replace the US dollar and Euro.
Libya has 144 tons of Gold and the UK has double that but ten times it's population.

But How Much Gold does the Federal Reserve has here in the US?

NONE! "We have not owned any Gold since 1934"-House of financial services Subcommittee on Democratic Monetary Policy. This was the answer given to Ron Paul when he asked how much gold the Federal Reserve currenlty owns.
If Gaddafi sought to replace US dollar with Gold, obviously the US would have no way of obtaining oil and other resources.This was a big threat to the Banking system.

This same situation occurred with Iraq. When their leader Sadam Hussein attempted to trade Iraq's oil in Euros instead of dollars (which will lower it's value).US decided to sanction and Invade Iraq...but gave another reason for this attack to the American public.
Lies by the Media:

US media created an excuse to the American people as to why they needed to invade Libya and over throw Gaddafi:

Joel Brown-Reported for CBS
"President Obama unequivocally put Gaddafi on hold on a phone call to German chancelor Angelo Murphy the President(Obama)said that Gaddafi was using "mass violence" as his only means of staying in Power.Gaddafi has lost legitimacy and for the first time that Gaddafi must leave now." Immediately, the White House rolled out new Sanctions Against Libya.
BLOCKING BANK ACCOUNTS AND FREEZING ASSETS AGAINST GADDAFI. And Called for US citizens to leave Libya ASAP.Followed after, the media spread this lie against Gaddafi.

It had NOTHING to do with 9/11.Iraq was NOT responsible for 9/11.
Bush himself admitted this in a press conference and was caught in a lie:

Reporter: "what did Iraq had to do with 9/11?"
Bush: "Nothing, the main reason we went into Iraq was because we thought they had "weapons of mass destruction" but we found they didnt."
Bush said this right after claiming Iraq terrorist killed US people in 9/11 attacks! This was revealed to be a lie.
The war was not over terrorism but over oil/money! Tens of thousands lost their lives over money not for "freedom" and "liberty!" we still do not know who were the true culprit of the attacks!

Interview with Gaddafi on Turkey KRT.(His Side of the Story)

"If they make such a decision it will be useful for Libya because the Libyan people will see the truth, that what they want is to take control of Libya and to steal their oil,” Gaddafi said.
Gaddafi repeated earlier claims the revolt was inspired by foreign al-Qaeda militants who have paid young men and freed prisoners to fight with them. He said Western governments and media had been fooled by al-Qaeda propaganda into believing government forces had unleashed violence on Libyan people.

“I’d have to be mad to shoot at peaceful demonstrators. I’d never have done that. I’d never have allowed anyone to be shot,” he said in an interview with France’s LCI television. Article on the Full interview:

The western Media had made Gaddafi to look like a fool on national TV so his statments in interviews were not taken seriously to the American people.(Bias media).Many have never heard of the term "Al quaeda" in Iraq or Libya. It was a term created by the US and then it spread through out.The Americans invented the Al Quaeda organizations. Turning rebels in Libya into Al Quaeda.There were no evidence that Bin Laden used that term until After 9/11. When the term was born.

NATO Supports Rebels A.K.A Al Quaeda
The Anti-Ghaddafi rebels in Libya were set free from imprisonment by US.
These rebels the President(Obama)claimed were being oppressed under Gaddafi.The rebels joined forces with "Al Quaeda" and were given access to weapons through NATO.
THE TRUTH ABOUT GADDAFI (Victim of US Hypocrisy)
The UN, NATO and many others have said that one of the reasons they need to be rid of Gaddafi was because he is using military force on his own people. This was not true!
A) This is the same statement they used to invade Iraq.
I just explained that He (Gaddafi) was NOT using weapons against his own people...but against REBELS who were associating themselves with Al Qaeda.
So US in essence were backing rebels who are part of Al Quaeda to over throw a President who had made his country one of the greatest in Africa? Yes!

QUESTION: Does not Gaddafi has the right to defend his Presidency?
Does he not have rights to shoot and kill those attacking his building
and people?

Do you think any of these guys( picture below) would hesitate in shooting and killing you if you went after the President?
And if Rebels who join forces with Al Quaeda stormed the building where Obama is, dont you think those protecting him would shoot and kill them?

How could Gaddafi's own people hate him, this was how he rode around (skip video to 5:47 to see people cheering him as he waved to them unprotected!)

Does your President rides around like that?
Or like this...

I wonder which country love their Leader more? Seems Gaddafi felt more safer than Obama in the streets with his people!!

And we say Gaddafi was using military force against his own people?
You mean like this....

Or this...

Should some one bomb the US for all this?

Libya Civilians say US Media "selected what they want to show, and eliminate what didnt serve U.S own purpose and agenda"

America Wake up!

Gaddafi Showers Praises on Obama (the man who delivered him to be killed)
Gaddafi has called on “the whole world” to “give Obama time” and to “support his plans for peace”. “We shall place our trust in our son Baraka (which means ‘good fortune’ in Arabic) and, if he continues following these wise and peaceful policies, we shall help and support him”,--Tundra Tabloids 2010.

Does this man sound like an evil man? The real EVIL was when the US delivered him to his enemies and as a result...in his last moments he begged for his life and was dragged through the streets like a piece of rag doll, all of this over oil and Gold!

One of many Great speeches of Gaddafi...while they scoffed and mocked him.
RIP. Gaddafi.

During my research on this topic, I cried at the cruelty and the evil that lives in this world, that lives in man.This was the most heart breaking article I had ever done.
This Article does not do enough justice for the many great things Gaddafi had done for Africa and The promises he kept to Libya. More than I can say for certain President/s.

But if you ask I can list all the things He had done. He had a good heart inspite of the lies your
Country made up about him.